About HTX

HTX  INTERNATIONAL  LOGISTICS  CO., LTD. is a comprehensive international logistics service enterprise which mainly provides international shipping, air freight import and export agent, and integrates transportation, customs declaration, warehousing and distribution. Our company has established a number of branches and agents in major port cities across the country, and has established cooperative partnerships with more than 100 overseas agents, business network throughout the world. After years of development, HTX has become a relatively large and medium-sized logistics company with strength in shenzhen and even in China

Corporate philosophy

  1. We strive to impress customers.
  2. Man is the first capital of Hengtaixin.
  3. Whether you are an individual or a company, you must be qualified with the highest ethical standards.
  4. Companies and employees must be honest, upright, fair and pragmatic.
  5. We treat customers, suppliers and society with fairness, justice and reasonableness.



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